Open Source Enterprise Applications/Service Alternatives   February 14th, 2009

A pretty popular topic these days with the current economic state is cutting operations/software licensing costs. Here’s a small list of open source applications that are enterprise worthy:

Business Intelligence
– an entire suite of business data analysis and reporting software. By far the leader in this category.

MySQLhigh performance and highly reliable. Compared to most other databases, MySQL is easy to use and is very scalable. It will be interesting to see where it goes with the creator, Michael Widenius, recently leaving Sun however.

Network/Server/Appliance Monitoring
Zenoss Core – this is a stack of applications that provides monitoring for anything with an IP address. I’ve spent a lot of time with monitoring applications and this is the one I decided to go with to monitor the few hundred devices/servers I’m responsible for. They offer Zenoss Enterprise as well which offers support and other benefits at reasonable costs.

Open Office – I guess the obvious choice here, even has a windows installer available. I use it daily with no complaints to view/edit files that were created in Word/Excel/PP by co-workers.

Secure Instant Messaging
Jabber – ¬†Supports encryption and plug-ins like OTR make this a truly secure IM’ing platform.
Pidgin – formerly GAIM, this is a great client to use for connecting to a Jabber/XMPP server. The OTR plug-in is easy to get working as well.

Server Virtualization
Xen – Powerful alternative to VMware. I haven’t spent a whole lot of personal time with this yet, however I hear nothing but good things.

Ticketing Systems / Helpdesk Tools
OTRS Рthis is a great ticketing system geared for handling troubles or reports via phone calls or emails.  Everything is completely customizable and its even I.T.I.L certified. This application could easily replace those heavy resource commercial ticketing applications/systems.

Web Browsers
Firefox – it is often hard to escape Internet Explorer due to a lot of poorly written web applications which will only function properly in IE. However, Firefox handles almost all web applications I need to use daily so maybe you will have similar luck. For employee’s general surfing/researching Firefox should be the browser of choice due to the extra security it provides. Maybe Google’s Chrome browser will be a contender in the future, but its not quite there yet.

Web Server
Apache -  the most popular web server on the Internet today. It is extremely versatile and reliable.

Wiki / Blog
MediaWiki – great wiki, perfect for information sharing and idea colaboration.
WordPress – most popular blogging engine, great for information sharing, as you are currently experiencing.

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Good stuff. For more applications and a handy search feature, see

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